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Genelec 8050B Studio Monitor (V00006435)

Tình trạng: Còn hàng So sánh
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101.655.000 ₫

Thương hiệu: Genelec

Bảo hành: 24 tháng.

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Loa Genelec 8050B Studio Monitor




The 8050B Active Two-Way 8" Studio Monitor from Genelec provides an accurate reproduction of the source material in a compact form-factor with high output. Its die-cast aluminum enclosure features a rounded shape, which minimizes distortions caused by edge diffraction. The metal dome tweeter is surrounded by a smoothly-shaped Directivity Controlled Waveguide, which helps to create an even response when listening both on and off axis.




The 8050B is built with Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) technology which automatically activates the speaker when an audio signal is detected, and puts it in Standby Mode when no signal is present, reducing the energy consumption to less than 0.5 watts. The 8050B features a 120 watt high frequency amplifier for its 1" tweeter, and a 150 watt low frequency amplifier for its 8" woofer. The bass response is expanded by a rear-facing reflex port, and a separately available Genelec subwoofer can be used to monitor a wider array of frequencies.




* An included Iso-Pod table stand insulates the speaker from vibration and enables you to tilt its position upward or downward

* The Iso-Pod can be attached to the base or side of the monitor, for vertical or horizontal positioning

* Well-suited for near-field studio monitoring, control rooms, editing suites, surround sound applications and multimedia entertainment systems

* Rear-facing Tone Controls enable you to optimize the speaker to its environment

* Threaded holes for Omnimount Series 60 brackets and K&M loudspeaker mounts

* More compatible mounting accessories, such as ceiling mounts and wall brackets, are available separately

* Active crossover filters

* Driver unit protection circuitry

* Fully magnetically shielded



Nguồn : Genelec

Thông số kỹ thuật
Dải tần đáp ứng 32-25kHz
Kích thước 452 x 286 x 278 mm
Trọng lượng 14.4 kg
Công suất 270
Cổng kết nối XRL Analog
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